June 28, 2013
Liquid Nitrogen Overclocking found the world's 84th largest prime number, , which has over 900,000 digits.

April 3, 2013
BitCoin Mining Systems

For those who are aware of the so-called ASIC hardware BitCoin miners that seem to take months to obtain and can't do anything else, how about a high-powered computer system you can use to BitCoin mine also?

January 7, 2013
Introducing Flash Server Technology

After more than two years of research, a new, inert-gas, sealed volume cooling technology has emerged. Capable of cooling the Ivy Bridge chip sufficiently to allow for 5.40 GHz overclocks without liquid, without the need for a pump, and without capillary action tubes, true 1U supercomputing has arrived....

December 12, 2012
Ed Trice: The Steve Jobs of Philadelphia

On this memorable date (12/12/12) an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer describes our own Ed Trice as "The Steve Jobs of Philadelphia."

July 9, 2012
Certified for co-location at Equinix

All hardware designed by Liquid Nitrogen Overclocking is now certified for rollout to Equinix co-locations around the globe. Today we were at NY4 in Secaucus, NJ...

March 5, 2012
5.0 GHz speed, 3.5 inches tall!

Introducing: the biggest change to The Cloud since sunshine! Meet the High Speed Server Module, invented by Liquid Nitrogen Overclocking. Only 2U in height, but capable of delivering 5.0 GHz speed on the i7-2700K chip, the HSSM series will change the face of cloud computing.

February 21, 2012
The Fastest Chess Computer In The World!

It is now official. A website in Austria has confirmed that the Vortex F6 computer by Liquid Nitrogen Overclocking is now the holder of the world's fastest chess computer title.

February 8, 2012
One of the world's largest primes was found while testing a Vortex F5 build for one of our customers.

Usually it takes several months to make it into the "top 5000" list of the world's largest primes, but a Vortex F5 computer did so in just two days.

December 5, 2011
Stable 6.0 GHz Performance!

The new Vortex F6 computer by Liquid Nitrogen Overclocking delivers what high performance enthusiasts have only been able to dream about: True 6.0 GHz performance with guaranteed 24x7 stability.

October 25, 2011
The new 5.0 GHz Vortex F5 Computer...

Liquid Nitrogen Overclocking has released a 5.0 GHz 4-core/8-threaded i7-2700K machine today, named the "Vortex F5," which is as fast as an Intel i7-980X @ 5.67 GHz!

June 6, 2011
Due to the high demand for the 5.50 GHz i7-990X models, and the relatively long build time associated with them, we must place a temporary hold on these orders while we hire and train new staff. We are offering a new FireHawk model in its place...

April 18, 2011
The new 4.3 GHz Zeus Hurricane with 12 Xeon Westmere cores rolls out today, along with a brand new look and design for the 4.5 GHz Glacier and 4.0 GHz Tornado.

March 1, 2011
A 5.5 GHz version of the Trinity Lightning is now available! And, meet the new FireHawk product line...

January 26, 2011
The "2-FOR" Sale is on! Buy any two of the same system, and save $222 x 2 = $444 on your total purchase! Now through the end of 2/2011 (February).

November 17, 2010
Liquid Nitrogen Overclocking has a huge announcement: The new Zeus product line featuring Dual Xeon X5680 Westmeres (12 overclocked cores!)

August 27, 2010
An overclocked 5.0 GHz Gulftown? Can this be possible? Liquid Nitrogen Overclocking is proud to present the "dream machine", our Trinity Lightning model. True 5.0 GHz speed across 6 cores!

July 12, 2010
Liquid Nitrogen Overclocking is proud to present two new product lines: The new "Trinity Minis" and some new configurations for the Cypher Series. The "Minis" are some very attractive looking smaller units...

March 28, 2010
Liquid Nitrogen Overclocking welcomes Mark Ciphone to our team. Mark has come up with a clever design to overclock the Intel i7-860 to 3.9 GHz using...

March 1, 2010
Two new Peltier-cooled systems are made available to the public for the first time today! Why might thermoelectric cooling be the trend setting method for stable overclocking? We answer this question in our news article below.

February 25, 2010
Liquid Nitrogen Overclocking extends an ice cold welcome to "Buckeye", owner of the famous MonstaCade Phase Cooled system and designer of the "Trinity" models available here. Buckeye has a certain fondness for 2-stage cascade cooling devices, which are more intricate than other overclocking builds due to the number of components that are integrated into the system.

February 11, 2010
Overclocker extraordinaire rickss69 has shattered another one of his own TOP BENCHMARKING SPEED records! The previous record of 3 hours 14 minutes was achieved with a 2-stage cascade cooling unit built around an Intel Xeon W3580 that achieved a consistent 4.91 GHz clock pulse.

January 1, 2010
Liquid Nitrogen Overclocking goes online!

Collectively, we are a band of overclocking enthusiasts who would meet regularly on various discussion boards. Dedicated to our craft, we recently decided to investigate the demand for our products on the outside world.

Contact Info
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Liquid Nitrogen Overclocking
2711 Centerville Rd.
Suite 400
Wilmington, DE 19808-1645

Email: Liquid Nitrogen

Phone: (610) 818-5063

Monolith I = $6250 Click here to order

Monolith I Benchmarks
Program Score/Time Screen Shot (click for larger image)
Cinebench 13.33

NOTE: Cinebench 11.5 will
display the stock speed of the
chip, even when overclocked.
Fritz 9 Chess 49.99 = 23997 Kn/sec
NodeCount Ratio 1.5907
Time (seconds) 95.7190
Gulftown Speed 5.30 GHz
Click here to see all results

All of our servers support the following Out Of Band Management features:

  • WOL (Wake On Lan) which can wake systems that are "sleeping" or "hibernating."
  • SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) which can allow you to control every UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and PDU (power distribution unit) in your cage and/or server rack.
  • IPKVM allows for out-of-band remote management (in case a server is not booting for whatever reason)
  • PXE Boot The PXE (Preboot Execution Environment) allows for booting off of the NIC instead of a hard drive in the case of an HD failure, performing tasks such as loading an OS over the WAN to the HD for reinstallation/reboot, etc.

Click on the image above or go to


to see more information about this amazing KVM over IP solution.

The Monolith I is Liquid Nitrogen Overclocking's first D.E.E.P. (Dedicated Enterprise Edition Product) rollout. Aimed at server rooms/data centers in need of 24x7 uptime in lights-out environments, the Monolith I is a high-endurance workhorse.

With dual (redundant) 800 watt power supplies that can be configured to run under European power, U.S. power, or German power sources, the Monolith is designed for 100% uptime, wherever you happen to be. The Monolith can remain powered up even with a "blown out" power supply, allowing the defective one to be swapped out while the redundant PSU keeps operating. Since each PSU is rated at 800 watts, there is no need for any "down time" at all.

Utilizing the familar SuperMicro ® case design, the Monolith I is easily mounted into virtually any rack in your data center. And, with the 4.80 GHz overclocked processing power of the i7-3970X ™ chip, there is no faster data-center-ready configuration you can buy today (with the exception of the Monolith II, of course). Demonstrating the same performance as an overclocked 5.30 GHz i7-980X, (notice it achieved the identical score as our 5.27 GHz i7-980X in Cinebench, which you can see here), the Monolith I can crush whatever is in your server racks right now.

The Intel Core i7-3970X comes with 6 processing cores that double to 12 with hyperthreading activated. This Sandy Bridge-E model also features the new socket, Socket 2011, and Quad-Channel Memory for much greater memory bandwidth. So how much work can a 12-threaded 4.80 GHz i7-3970X handle? Anything you can throw at it, and then some.

Standard configuration:

  • Intel Core i7-3970X processor overclocked to 4.80 GHz
  • Custom liquid refrigerant cooling system is capable of removing all of the heat generated by 12 hyperthreads running at 4.80 GHz.
  • 16 GB of very fast RAM @ 2000 MHz (up to 32 GB max)
  • low-end graphics cards (brand, make and model may vary)
  • Very fast Intel X25-M 120 GB Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (all latest patches and updates)

Call 610-818-5063 for additional configuration options and prices.
You can also email us at Liquid Nitrogen for more information.